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The working principle of the flue gas dust collector

The flue gas precipitator is the soot generated by the combustion process of fuel and other substances, and the soot generated by the mechanical process of crushing, screening and conveying solid materials. Dedusting is to separate these particles from the soot and collect and recycle them. process.

The technology of flue gas dedusting includes bag filter technology, electrostatic precipitator technology and electric bag combined with dust collector technology.

1. Bag type dust collector has the characteristics of adapting to various dust characteristics, high dust removal efficiency, compact structure, small layout, flexible layout, convenient disassembly and assembly of filter bags, efficient and thorough cleaning, and stable and reliable operation of equipment.

2. The electrostatic precipitator has the characteristics of reliable performance, high dust removal efficiency, high temperature resistance, low secondary dust and easy maintenance.

3. Electric bag combined dust collector is a comprehensive utilization and organic combination of electrostatic precipitator and bag filter. It is a combination of high-efficiency dust removal by collecting a large amount of dust in the flue gas and collecting the remaining fine dust through the bag. Device. It has the characteristics of dust removal stability (≤50mg/Nm3), low system resistance, long service life and excellent performance.

Yuyao Longmei Ventilation Engineering Co., Ltd. is located on the bank of the beautiful Yaojiang River in Yuyao City. The company specializes in the design, installation and commissioning of ventilation and flue gas dust collector systems. Production of various types of flue gas dust collectors, dust collectors: bag filter, water desert dust collector, filter cartridge dust collector, flue gas, oil filter, dust collector; production of various types of ventilation pipes: common plate flange, plug-in Flange; metal spiral duct; welded garden type, square duct; galvanized steel, stainless steel duct and various types of special-shaped fittings, nuclear prefabricated ducts, high-pressure inspection doors, etc.

The company adheres to the market management philosophy of “joining together and working together to create a better future”. All kinds of dust collectors produced by the company are put into the market with intelligent, zero-emission high-performance, high-reliability and high-end products, creating a number of standard, standardized and exquisite quality projects, environmental protection projects and classic projects.

The company closely focuses on the needs of customers, and builds the Longmei brand with details, standardizes the value of refraction, reflects the reputation of Longmei, and innovates to develop the future of Longmei. The use of high-tech, assembly line production to replace the traditional semi-mechanized production process, to the dust removal, ventilation, smoke extraction equipment; ventilation products production, installation has injected a new concept. Products have been widely used in electronics, pharmaceutical, paper, chemical, shipbuilding, textile, automotive and other industries, as well as airports, supermarkets, stadiums, exhibition halls, theaters and other large public facilities. Its beautiful appearance, exquisite structure, smooth lines, superior performance, quick and convenient installation and construction, etc. bring great value to customers. This fully demonstrates the development prospects of Longmei Company and the strong vitality of Longmei products.

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